Nordkildes 5 ice bathing advice

Good advice for safe ice bathing and winter bathing

Before following the advice below, there's an important prerequisite: You must ensure that you can tolerate ice bathing and winter bathing. If you're ill or suffer from cardiovascular diseases, poor heart conditions, or similar, it's recommended to consult a doctor before starting ice bathing.

Advice #1: Never jump into the ice-cold water alone. Have a friend observe.

Advice #2: Take deep, calm breaths – the cold water may make you feel short of breath, risking hyperventilation.

Advice #3: Enter the water gradually, keeping your head above the surface – you can use a cap to protect your head's temperature.

Advice #4: If you're a beginner, it's recommended to take short dips (maximum 10 seconds) the first time you try ice or winter bathing. As you gain experience, you can explore longer periods in the ice. A tip: Start with slightly warmer water initially, allowing your body to gradually adjust to the cold over the season.

Advice #5: After the ice bath – make sure to put on warm clothing, take a hot shower, and consume warm drinks to reheat the body.

We wish you a great and safe ice bathing or winter bathing experience
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