What tub should I choose for my ice bath?

By Johan Seistrup

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When entering the world of ice bathing, choosing the right tub is an important decision. Ice bathing is not just a physical experience; it's also a journey for the mind and soul. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of tubs for ice bathing and guide you in choosing the perfect tub that suits your preferences and needs.


Ice Tubs: Luxury and Functionality in One

Ice tubs are a popular choice when it comes to ice bathing at home. These customized tubs are designed with a focus on both comfort and efficiency. Ice tubs allow you to enjoy ice bathing in a comfortable and relaxing environment, and many models offer features such as ergonomic seats and adjustable temperature control.

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Outdoor Barrel Tubs:

Close to Nature If you are attracted to the idea of enjoying ice bathing outdoors, an outdoor barrel tub may be the right choice. These Tubs combine rustic charm with modern conveniences. Imagine stepping into the cold water surrounded by the beauty of nature and fresh air. Outdoor barrel tubs provide an authentic ice bathing experience.

Tubs for Home Use: Flexibility and Mobility

If you want flexibility and the option to take your ice bathing experience with you, a tub for home use may be the right choice. These tubs are easy to transport and store, allowing you to take your ice bathing into nature or on your travels. While they may not have all the advanced features, they can still provide an effective ice bathing experience.

Consider Space and Placement

When choosing a tub for ice bathing, it's essential to consider the available space and placement. If you have a large outdoor space, an outdoor barrel tub may be ideal. If you live in an apartment or have limited space, a smaller tub for home use may be more practical.


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Health, Wellbeing, and Meditation

No matter which type of tub you choose, ice bathing is a practice that promotes health, wellbeing, and a deep connection with yourself. Ice bathing can be combined with meditation for a deeper experience of calm and inner balance.

Ice Bathing - Together with Friends or as a Couple If you want to enhance your ice bathing experience and share it with a close friend, partner, or family member, investing in an "ice bath partner" can be the ultimate solution. Ice bathing with a partner can create stronger bonds and increase the joy of this refreshing practice.

Sharing the Experience

Taking an ice bath with a partner is more than just a physical experience. It is an opportunity to share a unique experience and create memories together. The bonding that occurs when supporting each other through this challenging practice can strengthen your relationship and build a community around health and wellbeing.

Mutual Support and Motivation

Ice bathing can be a mental challenge, especially if it's your first time. Having an ice bath partner by your side provides mutual support and motivation. You can share experiences, provide encouragement, and help each other overcome any concerns.

Creating Positive Habits Together

Creating healthy habits together with a partner can be a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship. Ice bathing can become a regular activity you share, and it can serve as a positive influence on your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Enriching Togetherness

Ice bathing with a partner allows you to spend quality time together in a unique context. After the ice bath, you can share your experiences and reflections, which can lead to deeper conversations and understanding of each other's reactions.

Double Health Benefits

Benefits of ice bathing such as increased blood circulation, improved immune system, and mental strength become even more enriching when shared with a partner. You can support each other in achieving your health and wellbeing goals and experience the positive results together.

So, if you're considering taking ice bathing to a new level, why not do it together with an ice bath partner? Whether it's your partner, friend, or family member, this shared experience will create memories, strengthen bonds, and increase the joy of ice bathing. Together, you can explore the cold world and discover the many benefits of ice bathing as a team.

Make Your Choices with Care

The choice of the right tub for your ice bathing adventure is a personal decision. Consider your preferences, space, and needs, and choose the equipment that best suits you. Whether you choose a luxurious ice tub, a rustic outdoor barrel tub, or a practical tub for home use, your ice bathing experience will undoubtedly be enriched by the many health and mental benefits this practice offers.

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