Viktor and Nanna overcome their fear of ice bathing - using it in their daily routine at boarding school.

By Johan Seistrup

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At, we bring an inspiring story about Viktor and Nanna, two students from Skibelund Gymnastics and Sports Boarding School, who have explored the cold yet rewarding world of ice tubbing. Their journey demonstrates how with the right mindset and breathing techniques, one can overcome nature's toughest challenges and achieve personal well-being through ice tubbing. Dive into their experiences and discover how ice tubbing is not just a trial but a path to better well-being and focus. Read the full story and be inspired to take the plunge into the cold thrill.

Ice tubbing through strong communities Ice tubbing at Skibelund Gymnastics and Sports Boarding School promotes joy and community among the youth. This activity underscores how pushing boundaries and sharing unique experiences can enhance mood and solidarity. The intense nature of ice tubbing demands courage and trust, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and personal growth. These experiences contribute to developing a positive attitude and promote mental well-being.

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