Why is ice bathing so popular?

  • Nordkilde isbad kan hjælpe på stress og angst

    Improvement of mental well-being

    It's documented that ice bathing has a positive effect on your mental health. Some ice bathe for pure well-being, while others do it to enhance their recovery, sleep, or due to illness. We personally guide and assist you to a perfect start with your ice bathing experience.

  • Følg disse råd fra nordkilde og kom godt i gang med at isbade

    Improved recovery after exercise

    Ice bathing accelerates the body's recovery process after intense physical activity. The cooling helps to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.

  • Ved brug af nordkilde isbade, kan du opnå en mindre stress i hverdagen

    Reduced stress through ice bathing

    Ice bathing can reduce stress by promoting the release of endorphins, activating the parasympathetic nervous system to promote relaxation.



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    Excellent product and perfect service.

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    Good quality, good service, and guidance.

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Our Ice Tubs

Nordkilde Ice Tubs have been tested by professional athletes, firmly implemented in sports facilities, by physiotherapists, and at sports boarding schools.
  • isbad ny nordkilde
    Nordkilde isbad kvinde
    Nordkilde Ice Tub

    Nordkilde Ice Tub

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    Nordkilde Ice Tub PRO

    Nordkilde Ice Tub PRO

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    Ice Tub PRO - chiller and SPA
    Ice Tub PRO - chiller and SPA

    Ice Tub PRO - chiller and SPA

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  • Nordkilde deluxe isbad
    Nordkilde isbad deluxe med låg
    Nordkilde Nordic Deluxe Ice Tub

    Nordkilde Nordic Deluxe Ice Tub

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TV2syd og nordkilde

TV2 på besøg - isbadning hitter på efterskole

TV2 visiting Nordkilde

Improved sleep, more energy, and an amazing feeling in the body after ice bathing. Read about Nordkilde's 4-week test program with a boarding school.

  • Hvorfor skal jeg isbade? Nordkilde har svarene!
  • Nordkildes isbade kan være med til at reducere stress

    Stress Reduction

    An ice bath can have a calming effect and help reduce stress levels. The sudden shock of the cold water can cause the body to release endorphins and decrease the production of stress hormones

  • Nordkildes isbade kan hjælpe dig med at forbedre din søvnkvalitet

    Improves Sleep Quality

    An ice bath can improve sleep quality by lowering body temperature, which can help promote deeper and more refreshing sleep

  • Nordkildes isbade kan forøge dit energiniveau

    Increases Energy Levels

    Many people experience an increase in energy levels after an ice bath. The cold temperature can stimulate the nervous system and release endorphins, resulting in a refreshing feeling and increased energy

  • Nordkildes isbade kan hjælpe dig med at forøge din aktivering af brunt fedt

    Activation of Brown Fat

    Through regular exposure to cold temperatures, such as an ice bath, brown fat can become more active, which can contribute to weight control and improved metabolic health.

  • Nordkildes isbade kan være med til at forbedre dit immunsystem

    Strengthens the Immune System

    Ice baths can contribute to strengthening the immune system by triggering a response in the body that increases the production of white blood cells and enhances the body's defense against diseases

Why choose our Ice Tubs?

  • Hos nordkilde kan du altid forvente det nyeste teknologi på markedet

    Always with the latest technology.

    No two individuals are alike. Some ice bathe for pure well-being, while others do it to enhance their recovery, sleep, or due to illness. We personally guide and assist you to a perfect start with your ice bathing experience.

  • Her hos nordkilde går vi meget op i at være miljøbevidst, i forhold til rengøringen af dit isbad

    Environmentally conscious cleaning for your ice tub

    With carefully selected environmentally conscious products, we ensure to offer the best maintenance products on the market. Swan-labeled and without added chemicals

  • Her hos nordkilde har du altid 30 dages tilfredshedsgaranti

    30-day satisfaction guarantee

    Always 30 days satisfaction guarantee - full refund if our products do not meet your expectations

Isbad stifter Johan Seistrup

Isbadning skal være simpelt

Vores isbade skal være nemt og er udviklet til at forbedre din søvn, øge din ydeevne, forbedre restitution og reducere inflammation i din krop. Med Nordkilde isbad bliver det enkelt for dig at inkludere isbadning i dine daglige rutiner.

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Nordkilde vs Other companies

When purchasing our ice tubs PRO or deluxe models, you will receive a free cleaning kit for cleaning and maintenance of your ice tubs.

Nordkilde isbad for bedre søvn

Did you know? 💭

Nearly 50% of people sleep poorly. Ice bathing has become extremely popular as a way to improve one's mental well-being. In addition to challenging the body physically, it provides a calm meditative feeling. When you're in the cold water, you can wave goodbye to the day's stress. The physiological challenge activates the 'stress response', which can improve mood and reduce stress. After the bath, you'll feel almost euphoric. If you try ice bathing, you'll definitely experience an inner peace that can help in a busy everyday life

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